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 The “Personal Cash Account Payday Loan” is a personal loan solution for anyone who wants quick cash with excellent, no-bureaucratic interest rates. CAIXA’s personal credit modality was created with the initiative to reduce the fees that the institution presented to Brazil in 2012, since then, Brazilian citizens have the opportunity to obtain cash resources with even better possibilities.

The new line of credit is directed to assist in the organization of personal finances and the containment of debts with more expensive rates, if you are owed on the credit card for example, the hiring is valid. The Salary Account Personal Credit (CDC Salary Account) is part of the CAIXA Best Credit Program and fees for this operation start at 1.80% per month.

As the name itself gives us the idea of ​​what it is, the new personal credit of CAIXA was created for those who receive salary through a checking account of CAIXA. The money released is fast and without bureaucracy, it can be used the way you want without the need to inform the bank.

For those who need money and do not want to pay high rates on other types of loans, Personal Credit Account Wage offers interest from 1.80% for loan financed in up to six installments. From six installments the interest on the operation of Personal credit installments rises to from 2.39% per month.

The request has a simplified process, with only a few actions, the CAIXA client gets the credit in the account quickly, the limit depends on the customer, the loan is pre-approved and can be contracted with the ease of access to the Internet Banking CAIXA, in the terminals Self-service or in one of the thousands of CAIXA agencies.

The repayment of the loan is done in monthly installments directly debited on the salary account, on the day of payment, we could even call the operation “payday loan” or “payday loan”.

With the slogan “Who sends your salary is You” CAIXA favors the portability of a bank account for those who still do not receive their salary from CAIXA, the client who wishes can do the Automatic Transfer of Salary to CAIXA to enjoy the benefits of the Program.

To apply for a salary transfer simply go to the branch office of your bank with the appropriate form, download here: Salary Transfer Request Form and delivered there. Your bank will automatically transfer your salary to CAIXA on the “day of your payment” without charging any fee for it.

Unpaid Account Transfer Wage

Unpaid Account Transfer Wage

Currently workers hired by the CLT regime, that is, with a formal contract and civil servants from all walks of life can also choose to have a salary account . This “salary account” is advantageous for those who already have a bank account, but must open another in a different institution only to receive the salary paid by the company or public body. If the citizen opens a salary account, you can transfer the amount received without paying a fee.