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 The “Personal Cash Account Payday Loan” is a personal loan solution for anyone who wants quick cash with excellent, no-bureaucratic interest rates. CAIXA’s personal credit modality was created with the initiative to reduce the fees that the institution presented to Brazil in 2012, since then, Brazilian citizens have the opportunity to obtain cash resources with even better possibilities.

The new line of credit is directed to assist in the organization of personal finances and the containment of debts with more expensive rates, if you are owed on the credit card for example, the hiring is valid. The Salary Account Personal Credit (CDC Salary Account) is part of the CAIXA Best Credit Program and fees for this operation start at 1.80% per month.

As the name itself gives us the idea of ​​what it is, the new personal credit of CAIXA was created for those who receive salary through a checking account of CAIXA. The money released is fast and without bureaucracy, it can be used the way you want without the need to inform the bank.

For those who need money and do not want to pay high rates on other types of loans, Personal Credit Account Wage offers interest from 1.80% for loan financed in up to six installments. From six installments the interest on the operation of Personal credit installments rises to from 2.39% per month.

The request has a simplified process, with only a few actions, the CAIXA client gets the credit in the account quickly, the limit depends on the customer, the loan is pre-approved and can be contracted with the ease of access to the Internet Banking CAIXA, in the terminals Self-service or in one of the thousands of CAIXA agencies.

The repayment of the loan is done in monthly installments directly debited on the salary account, on the day of payment, we could even call the operation “payday loan” or “payday loan”.

With the slogan “Who sends your salary is You” CAIXA favors the portability of a bank account for those who still do not receive their salary from CAIXA, the client who wishes can do the Automatic Transfer of Salary to CAIXA to enjoy the benefits of the Program.

To apply for a salary transfer simply go to the branch office of your bank with the appropriate form, download here: Salary Transfer Request Form and delivered there. Your bank will automatically transfer your salary to CAIXA on the “day of your payment” without charging any fee for it.

Unpaid Account Transfer Wage

Unpaid Account Transfer Wage

Currently workers hired by the CLT regime, that is, with a formal contract and civil servants from all walks of life can also choose to have a salary account . This “salary account” is advantageous for those who already have a bank account, but must open another in a different institution only to receive the salary paid by the company or public body. If the citizen opens a salary account, you can transfer the amount received without paying a fee.


Credit regulation, what do you think if we look worse, we can pay more?

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Credit regulation is particularly interesting in Hungary, as it often places a greater burden on families who can show more modest income data than their richer peers. Often, in Hungarian banks, “take personal loan for self-sufficiency” is a tedious idea if we do not have access to the ABC and DBE indexes, or the FGH interferes…

Good Lending is a self-force that is not self-sufficient

Good Lending is a self-force that is not self-sufficient

If we ask a bank administrator that the Good Lending is actually part of the equity or the DBE indicator (the capacity of the real estate. In Hungary this is a maximum of 80% of the market value of the property), then it does not understand the question. Without thinking, he cries out that Good Lending is part of his power!

In reality, the Good Lending is a part of the self-empowered child and is not part of its own power. In this case, Good Lending is that part of the self-sufficiency that reduces the burden on the property. This is logical, because if we cannot fulfill the conditions, then we have to pay back the Good Lending support. If we are unable to repay, then the bank will be charged with the property, which is now unable to pay 120-150%.


How do I count Good Lending support for committed children when borrowing?

How do I count Good Lending support for committed children when borrowing?

Good Lending is in this case a part of its own resources, but it has to be deducted from the capacity of the property. In the case of a used property of 25 million forints, this means that for two children (1.43M), we have to present 20% self- sufficiency besides the amount of Good Lending support .

In this case, the 20% self-capital is 5M forints, which cannot be replaced by 3.57 cash + 1,43M Good Lending funding for Good Lending. This means that we can get fewer loans, as 80% of the 25M forints are 20,000,000 forints, which means we need to deduct 1,43M forints from the Good Lending.

At best, we can borrow 18,570,000 forints for this apartment, because we have 5M + 1.43M = 6.43M for our own.


What should we do if we do not have enough of our own resources?

What should we do if we do not have enough of our own resources?

At this point, the process tends to take a very unpleasant direction, because due to unambiguous communication (often the bank branch does not reveal this rule), the clients would have to put in the unpredictable amount of the transaction. Here are some ideas for the solution:

  1. family help
  2. another property. up credit
  3. personal loan

Whichever solution you choose, your home purchase (even with millions) is guaranteed to be more expensive than what we have calculated for ourselves!


The Bank has no liability until it has made an official offer

To my day, it is incredibly unbelievable, as the regulation allows for the spread of semantic information and then the institution of shrugging in the banking system. Think of the process:

  1. You want to buy an apartment, you budget yourself
  2. You go to the bank to present the numbers, where they say they can’t say for sure, just when you release the material. At this point, a better administrator tells the pitfalls, but the average point doesn’t really deal with you
  3. You can only release the entire material if you are already flocking to the apartment and have the purchase. Buying means you pay the lawyer and the deposit / advance. At this point, you have invested hundreds of thousands of forints in the transaction without knowing the bank page.
  4. You go back to the bank, where you submit the material and pray that now you are welcome to accept the numbers.
  5. There are families that you will be told at this point that it will not work because there is little self-effort and you need to add x million HUF
  6. panic Impressions
  7. Solution for a personal loan or turn back and fail hundreds of thousands!
  8. The bank’s official response to your outrage: “You have done so, we can’t do anything.”


A personal loan is a very patient solution for the banking system

Think logically why there is a so-called debt brake in the system, which includes ABC (pay-as-you-go repayment) and DBE (property debts – 80-20). It would be exactly the purpose of the borrowers not to take over themselves.

But precisely, these brakes force families into the ever-increasing real estate market to take up significantly higher repayment installments by having people take more expensive personal loans instead of home loans.


Calculate how much such a family may fail!

Suppose we want to buy 25M for used real estate with CHOK 2 children and 3.57M fortune! I would like to take the loan for 25 years and their income together is 350 000 HUF.


We can see that if the family allowed credit regulation, they would be able to borrow 20M for 25 years in exchange for a monthly repayment of 105,000 forints. However, the problem of Good Lending’s self-sufficiency and hence the lack of cash forces them to be in a situation where the bank feels more secure when it pays a “$ 123,791” monthly loan for personal loans and mortgages altogether.

The loss, with unchanged interest, is HUF 225,492 per year for the first 8 years of the personal loan. You have to pay more than HUF 1,803,936 during this period!


Interesting, because the family can get even better in the long run…

Before we go further, it is worth checking out the full refund (assuming they will not be prepaid and with unchanged interest).

  1. In version 1, 300×105,000 = $ 31,500,000
  2. In version 2, 96 x 123 791 = 11 883 936 + 204 x 98 137 = 20 019 948 = a total of HUF 31,903,884.

That is, a total of HUF 403 884 will be repaid by “coercing” a personal loan, which would be a manageable obligation over a 25-year horizon. This is not the problem, but with a completely wrong way of thinking!


What makes the bank think this will be safer?

The real mystery is the logical assumption that a mortgage loan combined with a personal loan can work in the example, while the first version is banned by bank borrowing regulations, saying risky. So, there is a stupid regulation that “thinks” that the 105,000 forints repayment is more risky than the 98,137 + 25,654 forints.

The problem is, if the bank would release the first version (20M forint), they would go beyond the 80% real estate financing ratio, which the ABC believes would threaten the stability of the banking system in the next crisis period. Maybe it is understandable and justifiable, but not lovable!

The banking system is unstable if debtors are unable to pay their loans. There was never a fundamental problem with the over-financing of real estate (up to 100% financing), but with drastically changing repayment installments (foreign currency loans). Originally, the repayment installments that were originally assumed would have been real certainty for the average borrower!

The solution for 100% real estate financing is still HUF based, min. It could be a fixed interest period of 10 years!


Why is it not obligatory to make a home loan next to a home loan?

Why is it not obligatory to make a <a href=home loan next to a home loan?" />

Of course, you can think about how to avoid making the banking system unstable. If we do not accept that unchanged installments alone can provide enough security for an average borrower (since this calculates the family budget), then we need to reach alternative solutions:

Such a solution could be the conclusion of a flat deposit! If we observe, in the example, the difference in the installment was close to HUF 20,000. This is the “price” of a flat deposit with a maximum deposit amount. Why is the bank not obliging the borrower to enter into such a contract at a financing rate of more than 80%, which will then be disbursed in 4-5-6-8-10 years after the loan?

  • thus reducing the amount of capital
  • thus reducing the monthly installment
  • this provides assurance that the credit is stable
  • it is actually making up your own safety reserve, as housing savings can be reached at any time and converted into liquid capital (support failed)

The good and the bad Debt consolidation with an unsecured loan

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The borrower can shop around until the lenders of the lowest interest rates will be extended to them. This is also useful for a borrower with less than perfect credit. By shopping around a borrower is taking control of the situation and therefore has more of a chance than a cheap loan.

When you meet with a consultant for the first time, what is your main goal? Is he or she spending all the time promoting a debt financing package or coming up with realistic strategies to help you? If you don’t get the individualized attention you deserve during the free part of the process, don’t count on them getting better once you’ve paid.

Low-cost loans are not always favorable from the lender’s point of view

Time and debt consolidation company

It may not be available to all credit institutions. So to take advantage of a cheap loan you need to explore the market and look for the right lender. The largely expanded loan market and your busy routine can make your market exploration a little difficult. But if you approach the online lenders your job will become quite easy.

Learn as much as possible about bankruptcy by going to informational websites. The American DOJ, the ABI and the NACBA They are all useful organizations willing to provide educational material. The more knowledge you have, the more you are able to make the right decisions and find a new future.

Time and debt consolidation company

Time and debt consolidation company

This concept has grown in stature have been introduced with time and debt consolidation company. Today, you can find more of such companies in the world around you and most of these companies help Americans get rid of credit card debt in the best possible way. Americans can now use the services of these companies to avoid damaging their credit rankings by not paying their debt on time. It is only because of the effectiveness of this option that you can see a huge increase in the number of people who consolidate their debt.

Yes, benevolent Uncle Sam grants taxpayers’ money as pacifiers for children, but, I have news, the average Joe or Maria cannot qualify. It is true that the government gives away billions in concession money, but I have not yet heard of an average citizen Bailout Bad Credit Fund. You have? In search of equity Hawaii home loan rates, the Internet can be your best friend. All you have to do is type in the keywords “equity Hawaii home loan rates” in a browser to get a quick list of companies that offer Hawaii home loans with various rates.

Home payments when you are old

Home payments when you are old

Do you want to be worrying about your home payments when you are old? With reverse mortgages you have the opportunity to not worry at all! These mortgages are available for the elderly so that they can live their pension in peace and tranquility. What happens in terms of reverse mortgage is that the elderly do not have to pay the mortgage amounts until they pass, move to an elderly care facility or sell the house.

This makes it possible for people of advanced age to live comfortably and without worries.

Reform Payday Loan

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Overdraft. Best checking account with low disputes.

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Despite regular salary intake, it can always come back to situations  where, for example, you need additional liquidity due to unforeseen expenses. Owners of a checking account can get a disposition credit for this purpose. The extent to which the overdraft facility known as overdraft facility is granted depends on the creditworthiness of the account holder. Another requirement is a regular income. What you have to look out for in connection with a credit report, which pros and cons of overdraft has and which alternatives there are, you will learn in this guide.

How and in what amount can a credit line be requested?

How and in what amount can a credit line be requested?

If the conditions are met, a credit line is usually granted already with the opening of a current account. If this has not been done, the credit line will have to be requested later at the bank, which will also keep the current account, which requires additional liquidity . In the first step, the customer informs his bank in which amount he needs a credit line. The amount at which the credit line is granted at the end depends significantly on the monthly cash flow on the current account. As a rule, it amounts to three times the regular monthly cash receipts. For example, if a customer receives a fixed net salary of 2,000 euros, a credit line of up to 6,000 euros would be possible. In the case of a positive credit check , a contract is concluded between the customer and the bank for granting a mostly permanent disbursement credit. If there are any problems with setting up the credit line, this is probably due to your credit rating, which is checked by the banks using a Bank query. For this reason, regularly check the entries that are stored for you at Bank in order to delete or correct obsolete or incorrect entries as quickly as possible.

Unlike other loans, such as a construction loan , no additional collateral is required for the credit line. The bank secures itself however over the lien, as always in the general business conditions to be read. If the customer never settles the credit line, for example because there are no more incoming payments, the bank may access other accounts or securities accounts that the customer maintains with it for the purposes of reconciliation.

Advantages of the Easy Lend Credit

The biggest advantage of the disposition credit is the financial flexibility gained. The loan can be used at any time, but does not necessarily have to be used. If a financial bottleneck comes up unexpectedly in one month, because, for example, an urgent repair to the car is pending, this does not immediately lead to a serious crisis. The granted credit line can be used for this purpose without further consultation with the bank and then be easily compensated by the following incoming payments. According to a survey, almost every fifth bank customer in Germany uses the credit line. The excessive sum is on average € 1,043 per year, media reported last year.

Disadvantages of the Easy Lend

Disadvantages of the Easy Lend

The gained financial flexibility has in the truest sense of the word a high price, because the credit line is charged with very high interest rates, often amounting to 11 percent or more. And even the cheapest deals are according to Stiftung Warentest after all, still at about 8.5 percent. For this reason, the credit line should only be used for a short time and cleared as quickly as possible. The ever-available credit is a significant risk to get into debt. Anyone who has fully exhausted the credit line is often no longer in the black with no help. The monthly salary is then usually only to bring the checking account at short notice to 0. In these cases, consideration should be given to converting the disbursement credit into a significantly lower interest rate installment loan .

Cover credit

In some cases, the bank tolerates that the checking account is also overdrawn beyond the credit line. In this so-called overdraft, for example, pending transfers or standing orders are executed as well as direct debits to a certain amount. The toleration of the banks can have several reasons: Firstly, good customers should not be upset by having problems with his landlord, the telephone company or the leasing company of his car because of a possible one-time financial shortage, because a rate is not paid. On the other hand, the bank earns very well on overdrafts, because the interest rates are on average about 15 percent and up to 20 percent again significantly higher than the interest on the credit line. There is usually no upper limit for the overdraft facility . In what amount the bank tolerates the further overdraft, however, depends on the individual case and must be inquired at the bank. According to studies, however, the overdraft facility is only used by a few clients: only about four percent exceed the bank’s discretionary framework, according to the 2014 FH survey mentioned above.

Some banks have charged processing fees for bookings on a covered account. However, this is not permissible , the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Hamm ruled in September 2009 and declared corresponding clauses in the General Terms and Conditions unlawful. In the specific case, the consumer center NRW had sued against the bank, according to whose terms and conditions customers should pay for the redemption of direct debits and bills and not covered checks per overdraft three euros processing fee. The Higher Regional Court saw no reason for the additional fees, since the lending decision is in the interest of the bank and not in the interest of the customer in the absence of sufficient disposition.

Similarly, the district court of Main ruled in the same year, as it declared the clauses of the bank inadmissible, according to which the customers who have transferred money from a covered current account, should pay each five euros. These charges would disadvantage customers inappropriately. The higher interest rates that are due when the overdraft facility is overdue cover the banks’ risk sufficiently, the reasoning of the ruling confirmed in 2010 by the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court states.

Alternative to the credit line


Anyone who is stuck in the credit line, usually no longer easily back into the black. As a result, current account holders spend hundreds of dollars annually on expensive disputed interest. In this case, offers a rescheduling. The credit line is converted into a much cheaper installment loan. For example, if the current account is down by 3,000 euros, this amount will be balanced out by concluding a second loan. So you are immediately back in the plus and usually pay only half of the interest that is due on a credit line. The second advantage of rescheduling the emergency loan into a installment loan is that the loan amount is conveniently repaid in monthly installments according to a fixed payment plan. Thus, the loan debt steadily decreases until it is finally completely eroded and the borrower is again debt free. In the case of an out-of-pocket credit line, many customers find it difficult to obtain the necessary discipline and to ensure sustainable compensation. Therefore, conversion into a installment loan is the better alternative in two ways. As a result, however, a further slipping into the credit line should be avoided.

Compare outgoing interest

Anyone who regularly uses his disposition credit should put the terms of his bank to the test. With a free and non-binding comparison, the Easy Lend interest of different banks can be compared. Comparisons in the past have shown that between the cheapest and the most expensive interest rate can be over five percent. In this way you can quickly find the bank with the lowest disbursement interest. Especially direct banks often offer more attractive terms than branch banks, as they have significantly lower costs due to the absence of branches and associated personnel. If there are major differences, it may be worthwhile changing the current account, which is generally possible without any problems.

Peer-to-peer loan: understand the new way

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With the arrival of fintechs in Brazil in April 2018, the peer-to-peer loan modality was entered by the Central Bank.

Also known as P2P or simply “collective loan,” the peer-to-peer allows you to purchase the loan directly from an investor, the one who wants to make a profit from interest.

In order for the transaction to take place, it is necessary to have a company registered as a Personal Lending Company (SEP).

  • What is fintech? Learn how you can help with your finances

Inside the operation


The requirements of who can get the peer-to-peer loan are adopted by the company.

Generally, the degree of evaluation for the lender is decisive for the return of the investor. The better your rating, the lower your interest rates.

Some interest rates are set by the borrower himself, in which he can pay more for the loan knowing that he is more likely to receive the money.

In other cases, the SEP is what will determine the interest rate based on a credit analysis.

It is also possible to reduce the risk of default by investing in a fund that you will lend to legal entities.

In this line of credit it is advisable to vary the means of investing, since the profit coming from others may cover the loss of one’s debt.

  • How to get loan for companies?

Other costs


Added to the interest rate, which is the investor’s profit, the borrower has to bear the amount charged by the SEP and including the IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions).

These amounts are represented by the CET (Total Effective Cost) of the loan.

  • What is IOF? Understand Personal Loan

Is P2P a moneylender?

Is P2P a moneylender?

No, peer-to-peer is not moneylender, since this practice is illegal.

Despite being a loan between people, there is an intermediary financial institution of the operation, and the client is assured by laws.

It should be noted that the interest rate of loan sharks is often abusive, different from the peer-to-peer that operates at lower interest rates.

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Financial Group , you far from red.

How to protect your money

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When it comes to protecting our funds, we usually talk about how to protect your money from criminals who steal your information in order to gain access to a bank account or other financial accounts. But, unfortunately, it happens that the employees of the bank where you have an account can use your personal account without your knowledge.

And it can be not only fraudsters working in a bank, it can be a system failure or a simple human error, after which you may have financial problems.

Check your bills daily

Check your bills daily

This may seem redundant, but it is not, especially when it comes to your debit and bank cards.

Imagine that for some reason more than half of the funds were written off your debit card and you only found out about it in a few weeks – it will be difficult to prove to the bank that this did not happen according to your will. Especially if it happens at the end of the month, and you only find out about it at the beginning of the next. And if such an incident happens with a credit card? Then, if you do not prove your innocence, you will also have to pay interest on the loan.

In addition to the fact that you can immediately find a problem with the availability of funds in your account, daily checks will develop a useful practice in you to monitor the status of your accounts.

If you notice something suspicious or incomprehensible – contact the bank immediately and find out what steps need to be taken to repair the damage.

Know your defense

Know your defense

As a debit or credit card holder, you are protected by law, as a consumer. Remember these points:

Credit card

If fraudsters have stolen your credit card number, but not a physical card – you should not be responsible for unauthorized payments.

If an actual card is stolen, you are responsible for no more than $ 50. In some cases, the issuing bank will not charge this amount.

Debit card

If you report a loss or theft of your card within two business days, your liability will not exceed $ 50 for unauthorized transactions.

If you report a theft within 60 days, you can lose as much as was spent without you, but not more than $ 500.

If you did not have time to report the incident within two months, you may lose all the money that is in the account, including the overdraft amount and additional fees.

Choose a bank with good service

When you work with a large bank, it is sometimes difficult to get personalized service and proper attention from employees.

Get to know the work of other banks, find out from your friends how they are served in other organizations. Find out how the staff responds to specific requests, how much time it takes to process, and how it helps to solve unusual problems encountered by customers. The bank must confirm its status as a financial partner and communicate with it should be comfortable.

Do not share confidential information with anyone.

Do not share confidential information with anyone.

You should not send a card number or password from your personal account to friends and relatives via email, social network or messaging application. Moreover, it is impossible to provide information to anyone upon request, even to a bank employee. Remember, confidential information can be transferred only by phone and only if you yourself called the bank.

Keep in mind that fraudsters have long found ways to send you a text message or an e-mail as two drops of water similar to those sent to you by the bank. Do not rush to answer them, let alone follow the link. Having obtained the necessary information, a criminal can spend your money or borrow money in your name.

Use strong passwords and two-step authentication

Use strong passwords and two-step authentication

Yes, it may take you too much time each time, but if it’s about your hard-earned money, it’s better to be safe. If you use the same password everywhere, then fraudsters can calculate your credentials from your personal account in the bank and select a password for it.

Therefore, it is very important to resort to additional protection of your information on the Internet. Many banks, for example, offer two-step authentication. The most common is a multi-digit password that comes to your phone. This is the minimum that you should use to protect yourself.

Separate home computer to enter the Internet bank

You can never log into the online bank through a public Wi-Fi network or from an unprotected device. Better yet, never enter your card details in such cases.

It is best to have a separate computer at home, which you will use for your banking and financial affairs. From this computer it is best not to visit any sites other than those that you need for financial transactions.

If you involuntarily click on an attachment in an email or on a link that contains a virus, this virus can scan all the files on your computer without your knowledge. Therefore, a separate computer connected to a home network that is not used to search the network, download movies, and actively view mail will help you avoid financial problems.

Always check the URLs of the websites you visit and where you are going to enter information about yourself. If you see https or the green padlock icon in the address, this means that the site uses an encrypted communication channel and is more secure.

How to Deal With Inheritance Acceptance Expenses

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Why home equity loans can help us

Why home equity loans can help us


The latest data released by the General Council of Notaries tells us that in 2017 a total of 42,987 inheritances were rejected, which means about 117 legacies a day . The high costs derived from the acceptance of an inheritance make it inaccessible to many Spaniards.

The loans with mortgage guarantee can be a solution to face the payment of the Succession Tax, especially if we are going to inherit a property. Using the inherited home as collateral, we can obtain a loan of a percentage of its value that will help us pay the expenses of the inheritance.

It is important to know that the loans with mortgage guarantee allow us to inhabit and rent the property that we use as a credit guarantee . However, we must bear in mind that the defaults of the monthly installments of the loan could mean that the house is seized and that we lose the house.


Is it possible to apply for personal loans to pay the inheritance?


Is it possible to apply for personal loans to pay the inheritance?


Yes. We can get online loans for this purpose. These are financing products with which we can obtain amounts from 3,000 euros and up to 60,000 euros to be returned in a period ranging between 12 months and 10 years, depending on the amount we request.

Its cost is around 8% APR . Personal loans are reimbursed in monthly installments of greater or lesser amounts as agreed in the contract and do not usually require the endorsement of a third party or the contribution of a good as a guarantee of payment, since the guarantee will be personal.

When we ask for this type of loans, the entity will ask us to give them information about us and about our financial situation . This information will be used to evaluate our financial profile and assess whether they accept us as borrowers.


What is the cost of accepting an inheritance

You have to pay the fees of the notaries and lawyers, as well as the Property Registry and the taxes proper to the receipt of the property of a deceased. Also, the price will change depending on the autonomous community in which we live. In summary, the costs are:

  • It is always advisable to consult a specialized lawyer . The fees will be agreed upon before hiring and will depend on the rate that this applies.

  • In addition, we have the cost of the notary , who will perform the deed of the inheritance contract. These fees are set by Spanish law and are the same in any region of Spain.

  • However, the notary could charge us other payments , such as the liquidation of taxes, for which the fees will be higher than the initial ones.

  • Another additional expense is the payment of inheritance tax , which is set according to the autonomous community. Likewise, it will be necessary to pay a municipal capital gain.

Setting a figure for the exact cost of inheriting is an impossible task, given that this price will vary in each particular case and depends on a great multitude of aspects . Therefore, it is advisable to go to a specialized lawyer. In this way, we can ask for the exact amount when requesting a loan.

What happens with the loans of the deceased?


What happens with the loans of the deceased?

It is essential to know the payments that the deceased had pending if he had any type of bank financing in force prior to his death. The heirs not only receive the goods that the deceased had, since they will also have to assume the obligations that they left pending.

In addition, there is an option that we can take in case we can not afford the debts left by the deceased: the benefit of inventory . This alternative allows us to obtain the goods once we have settled these debts, giving us a margin of time for the acceptance of the inheritance.

In addition, the loan holder could have taken out life insurance when signing the loan contract. Therefore, it is important to check the existence of this insurance and contact the insurer to know if the policy could cover the expenses that remain of the loan fast .

How long is the acceptance of an inheritance?


The civil code does not dictate a maximum period of time to accept the inheritance by the heirs. Despite this, based on the legal practice of this procedure, it has been assumed that the maximum period to decide whether to accept the inheritance is 30 years.

Although we do not know exactly how much time we have to accept an inheritance, we do know that during the first nine days after death they will not be able to contact us or force us to make any decision.

How to manage the finances of a deceased person

How to manage the finances of a deceased person


When we must take the reins of the different financial products of the deceased we can find that we do not know exactly how to act, what procedures we must carry out or what documents we must deliver and in what term.

That is why from Diggory Venn we have created a guide that we can download completely free of charge and where we will find the steps to take with banks in these situations:

FREE guide! A relative dies: how to manage your accounts


With this free guide developed by Diggory Venn you can discover the direction you have to take to start the process of a succession in case of death. This guide is intended to provide basic information about:

  • The first legal steps we must take after the death of a relative
  • How to plan the moment in advance
  • An approximation to the expense that we will have to assume by accepting an inheritance

Download now your free guide and solve all your doubts!

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If we want to access this tool, we will only have to fill in the box that appears below with our email address. In a few minutes we can find in the guide in our mailbox.


About this page

About this page


For what purpose is this page: here we can find information of interest related to the finances of a deceased relative, from the costs of inheritance and the steps to follow to recover the financial products that he had contracted.

Source: the information regarding the acceptance of inheritances has been obtained from different sources of information such as newsletters and the website of the General Council of Notaries , among other reference portals in the matter.

Methodology: to obtain the information, personal interviews and online research have been carried out.

About Diggory Venn: we are an online comparator where we offer information of interest to our users about the different types of financial products to which they can go according to their economic needs.

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Consolidation or refinancing with a lower interest rate of up to 50%. Dream or reality?

by admin

Do you already have an existing loan, but would you like 50% better interest? So refinance or consolidate it through Credit Adviser Euro.


Many of you have a loan that was the best at the time you remembered i

Many of you have a loan that was the best at the time you remembered i

But banks and companies are trying to get the client for themselves, offering better and better conditions. What if you already have a loan, but in your opinion is unfavorable compared to current offers or do you have a number of “small” loans that have already outgrown you over the head and through the family budget? You can simply refinance them or consolidate them.

Consolidation and refinancing

Consolidation and refinancing

The consolidation of multiple loans or credits into a single loan for the purpose of a lower interest rate, a fixed interest rate, or the convenience of a single monthly installment. Most often, a mortgage or consumer loan is combined with a credit card or permitted overdraft that has a much higher interest rate. If there is only one loan, this is considered refinancing.

Reduction of interest up to 50% compared to the current loan

Reduction of interest up to 50% compared to the current loan

In addition to the regular loan, Credit Adviser Euro offers you a refinancing and a consolidation loan. If you already have an existing loan, and you “document” it, Credit Adviser Euro offers you an interest rate cut of up to 50% of your current interest. Just sign up for the Credit Adviser Euro website, fill out a short request and click “I want to reduce interest rates up to 50%. , or equipment charges.

Everything comes up quickly, simply online, and dream can come true.

Credit card without refusal: the procedure of registration, instructions and tips

by admin

A credit card is a modern tool to buy goods or pay for services. Often banks put forward a number of requirements for their borrowers, issuing loan funds in the loan. You must confirm your income or be employed for a certain time. Also, failures on the part of banking organizations are associated with a poor credit history of potential customers. But there are such unique offers on the market that are likely to be approved. A credit card without refusal by a financial institution is a fairly common occurrence. Let’s look at where you can get these cards, and find the best deals.

Requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers

Clients who have already successfully repaid certain loans enjoy greater confidence in credit institutions. At the same time avoiding overdue debts, especially a long period (more than 3 months). Making a credit card without refusing such borrowers is somewhat easier.

Also, not very large amounts, up to 100–300 thousand rubles, can also be counted by those who have never processed loans, i.e., have a clean credit history. Many banks are willing to issue a loan only to customers who have formal employment in a period of not less than six months.

And also provided that the location of the work or registration coincides with the regional representation of the banking organization. But it is not always necessary to fulfill all these requirements. A credit for a card without refusal can be obtained from just two documents:

  1. Passport.
  2. Military ID, INN, pension certificate, driver’s license.

At the same time, you do not even have to confirm your income, to have official employment. The contract can be issued urgently, even with a bad history of lending. And all this in the official and large banks.

The borrower’s age is between 18 and 70 years old. And an indisputable advantage is enjoyed by customers who have a salary card in the selected bank. But about everything in more detail.



Of course, there is the option of obtaining a credit card without refusing all of the two documents. But these proposals will not always be profitable. Issuing a credit card without checking the borrower is a big risk for the bank. Therefore, in order to reduce potential losses, the banking organization sets high interest rates for such agreements. And the loan amount will be minimal.

Therefore, to get a loan without refusal, it is better to prepare a complete set of documents to meet the requirements of a financial institution. This is suitable for the category of borrowers that has formal employment and seniority.

In addition to the priority documents in the form of a passport and a second document, you will need to confirm your income. This can be done by providing the following references:

  1. Bank account statement for the last six months.
  2. Help from accounting in form 2-NDFL or on the model, which can provide the bank.
  3. Rental agreements and other official sources of income.

As well as the design of the card will be more likely to be available to those who prove their work experience by providing a copy of the work record certified by the employer, or a fixed-term employment contract.

This package of documents will allow you to apply for more favorable conditions for loans, as well as reduce the risk of refusal to issue credit cards to a minimum.

Without employment

Without employment

Situations can be of a different nature, and where to get a loan if there is no official place of work? In fact, for obtaining a credit card, this factor is not so significant. Banking organizations apply for loans and those who do not work.

Most often in this way you can get a card of the same name. This is an instant credit card, which is issued when a client contacts the department. Get this credit card literally within 15 minutes. Such an instant execution is due to the fact that banks issue credit cards without careful inspection of the borrower.

You can apply for such credit cards online through the official websites of banking companies. Consider a few suggestions for instant cards.

Bad credit history

Bad credit history

Most often, banks are not ready to cooperate with borrowers due to the fact that potential customers have a damaged credit history. There are two options: either contact the more loyal companies once every three months, or apply for a small loan and successfully close it according to the payment schedule.